I am a passionate country kid who grew up on a rural property with beef cattle. Childhood saw many adventures and a love of horses, dogs, bikes and a strong attraction to anything with an engine so naturally I left school and completed a mechanical apprenticeship and continued with my addiction to vehicles and machinery, buying, selling, rebuilding and hiring them out.

From there I also got into flying gyrocopters, planes and helicopters becoming commercially licensed and was involved with aerial mustering, spotting, spraying, crop pollination and charter. This was a huge dream come true and I wanted to continue this forever, yet my plans were changed by two major life threatening accidents only 12 months apart which stopped me in my tracks to really reconsider what I was supposed to be doing to fulfill my passion and live my truth by helping others somehow to see their value and to succeed at life.

I had had massive learning curves and many experiences to get to where I am ranging from 12 motor vehicle and aviation accidents, (many more on horses and bikes), receiving a call to say my father had shot himself on our family property when I was 21, to major health problems, depression and debilitating ongoing pain and two close calls with bankruptcy.


I have an attitude that I will never stop learning and do not claim to know it all, yet I have a compassionate and caring nature and a way to connect with people. Over the last 18 years I have continuously spent 1000’s of hours and dollars studying businesses,
wealth and health plus how to change our perceptions and beliefs and use our mind as the powerful tool that it is.

I have followed many successful people and studied their ways - a favourite of mine “Henry Ford – Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right!”So much of where we are today, where we have been and where we are going is derived from our
minds, our beliefs and what we tell ourselves daily. What you think about and focus on is what you will receive.


With an absolute epidemic of depression, anxiety, stressful lifestyles and work, toxic food and environments in our world I feel the need for personal coaching should be just as important as seeing the doctor for a check-up. My aim is to give value to everyone I can connect with to make a difference in their lives and in some cases change their perception and beliefs until they see they are needed and worthy to be here in this time and space right now.

For years I have wanted to help people on a greater scale and was unsure how and didn’t know what tools to use, and now I do. Through my studies of personal development and business strategies, plus my certifications in Neuro Linguistics, Timeline Therapy®, and Hypnosis I truly believe I can make a difference in people’s lives.

So, if you or a friend are struggling with mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth or direction, or have a business that you want to put into overdrive I have the techniques and tools to help.

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Leon Christiansen


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