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Change is not any easy journey to walk the path of but it is necessary in order for us to grow and evolve. If you have been researching ways on how to create more positive change in your life then lets create the space for you to find out how.

Hi I am Leon Christiansen and I am here to help coach and mentor you towards your personal and professional life goals whatever they may be.


How can I help? through my own personal experiences and professional skill set I can guide you to see things in a different way to help accelerate your personal and professional life, through the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis, my mission and purpose is simple, to help you find your personal success and doing more of what you enjoy.



Resolving Depression & Anxiety

Emotional Release

Trauma, Loss & Grief relief

Mindset Workshops

Relationship rekindling


Business Development

How to Invest In Property 

Financial Health Checks

How to Scale Your Business

Unlocking Money Blocks



Nutrition Coaching

Reiki Practitioners

Wellness Coaches




Hi I am Leon Christiansen, proud husband to my beautiful wife Samantha, father of 2 beautiful daughters and owner operator of multiple lucrative businesses in accommodation, real estate and now coaching and mentoring.


The old saying goes we all have a story to share and I am no different in this scenario, I am a survivor of 2 life threatening helicopter accidents along with losing my father at a young age to suicide, traumas aside my mission and passion is to help spread awareness on mental health and how to conquer the black dog. 


I would like to invite you to follow the read more links with how I hope to inspire positive change in your life just as I have in mine.



If you have never heard of Neuro linguistic Programming before I would like to share with you a little on how NLP or rather Neuro linguistic Programming can help you.


NLP is all about how you, and we humans work. It is the study of human experience and the detection and utilisation of patterns occurring in human behaviour. This incredible methodology allows you to hack your brain, body and your life, re-write the code, and/or help others to do the same. 


Neuro linguistic Programming is the ultimate in optimisation for your mindset, Its your choice and ultimately up to you to make the change, we are just here to assist you to optimise your experience of reality and the results you get in the world in life, business, relationships, health, well-being and more.

4 steps how
nlp can help you transform
1. Gain clarity on what it is that you really want rather than just living by default.

2. Work on removing any limiting beliefs and negative patterns that hold you back from achieving.

3. Take action by creating a plan to make this happen

4. Set goals to put in your future so you can write your own story and imagine and have the belief of what it will look like when you get it.


There is no doubt that when you feel healthy you feel incredibly enriched by life, in fact you could even say that there is this strong sense of accomplishment one that you feel as if your can conquer anything, this is exactly what we like to promote at LC Coaching, we help you get to where you need to within your wellness goals so that you can conquer your mind and body and enjoy life's many incredible adventures.

What does wellness  mean to you? 

The Lifestyle and wellness toolkit that we have created to help support you will not only up level your health but will also up level your ability to become more successful, wherever you are in your journey we have the tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be..

Podcasts, to cooking with Sammy, Yoga, Fitness, Life Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy to Rural Resilience whatever your health needs are we have your wellness needs covered. 



  • Mon, Feb 01
    Rural Resilience Online Workshop
    Rural Resilience
    An online program supporting farmers and our rural communities, the bloodline to our country..
  • Thu, Mar 18
    Platypus Park Riverside Retreat
    Pinnacle Pete Men's Retreat
    Retreats are not just for women, us blokes need them to..
  • Time is TBD
    Platypus Park Riverside Retreat
    Couples Retreat
    Couples retreat will leave you with a river of romance flowing into your life and into the bedroom...?
  • Time is TBD
    Breakthrough Beach Retreat
    Its time to give back to yourself, hit that Reset button and Recharge your Mind, Body and Spirit Battery.


Saw this guy a few weeks ago and WOW! He is awesome! I highly recommend Leon, he is so down to earth and a fantastic listener!

"Nic Storer"

Very inspiring! Learn about overcoming obstacles and challenges in your life. Look to the future and really learn to LIVE!!

"Ventin Melanie Lentswetshipi"

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